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King Bee was founded by All Star Fresh in the Netherlands in 1989. Its members, All Star Fresh, Bc Boy and MC Pryme, received international success with some amazing tunes. King Bee speedily entered the national and international charts (22 countries,
worldwide)with their Hip Hop classics ‘Back by Dope Demand’ and ‘Must Bee the Music’ with lead singer Michele.
Before they released ‘Back by Dope Demand’, another single: ‘Let’s Take it Home’, became a club hit in Germany. King Bee started their worldwide tour, sharing the stage with other Hip Hop royalty.‘Back By Dope Demand’ became a Top10 hit single worldwide. As a result, King Bee was asked to perform in Holland as a support act for Madonna’s ‘Blond Ambition’ tour.
During this time they collaborated with the producers of SNAP (well known from their hit single: ‘I Got the Power’) to make a remix of Clubland Quartz feat. SNAP, introducing King Bee’s single ‘Let’s get Busy’, leading to a No.1 hit on the Club Billboard – chart (USA).
The band received the Stanton DJ Award In 1990 and the Edison for best new Hip Hop/Dance act in 1991.

Their debut album ‘Royal Jelly’ was released in 1991. It was deemed controversial, because they were the first Dutch Hip Hop act to cross over to commercial dance.King Bee was recognized to be pioneers in their genre. Releases like ‘Cold Slammin’, with the Ultramagnetic MC’s and ‘Get Ready’ with Spyte and Parol followed.


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