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Nafthaly Ramona


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Biografie Nafthaly Ramona

Nafthaly Ramona boeken
Where words fail, music speaks. This is a saying which describes DJ / Producer Nafthaly Ramona best. This striking appearance runs Eclectic, Dancehall, Hip-Hop and R&B combined with Moombahton, House and trap influences.

Her fierce presence takes expectations to a high level, after back pocketing a college Degree the urge to pursue her musical career grew even bigger she knew one thing for sure: She was ready to entertain and be the cause of a hell of a party!!

Her eclectic sound and her contagious enthusiasm make her stand out. Besides playing through-out almost every club in The Netherlands, you can also find her in Morocco, Los Angeles, Miami, Curacao, Belgium, Surinam, Germany and this is only the beginning.

When Nafthaly Ramona is in the booth guys fall in love and girls become her nr.1 fan. She knows tracks, vibes, and trends. Above all that she’s the next big thing, so make sure you add her to your line-up.



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