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BKO was born in Amsterdam. At the start of his music career in 2013, he was part of the rap group Sawtu Boys Money Gang (SBMG). After a short while he decided to proceed as a solo artist.

The next year he founded his own group called Well Paid Music Group with some friends. Back then YouTube still had the upper hand and people weren’t using all types of streaming services that much, the group attempted to start their own label and a number of videos were released on WPMG´s YouTube channel.

In April 2016, BKO signed a contract with the Rotterdam Airlines label. In the same year and the subsequent year, he featured on various tracks of artists such as Jairzinho, Boef, Sevn Alias, Kevin, SBMG, Bizzey, ChildsPlay and Sigourney. In addition, he also appeared on the Gate 16 album (a label compilation album) that was released in July 2017. BKO can be heard on 10 of the 20 tracks on the album. The album reached the number 2 spot in the Album Top 100 and remained at the top of this chart for a few months.

One of the tracks that he worked on was entitled ‘Gass’ by Sevn Alias. ‘Gass’ was the first Dutch hip hop track to get more than 30 million views on YouTube. This single, just like ‘Tempo’ (a collaboration with Jairzinho) made it to number 3 in the Single Top 100.

BKO launched his first solo project called Stretch in December 2017. He collaborated with SBMG and Poke on the EP and made a trip to England to work with two English artists named Headie One and Dun D.

In January 2018, he announced his second project entitled M4, a maxi single with three tracks entirely in the all-round style of BKO. On the maxi single, BKO was able to showcase his styles, collaborating with Kimonomandem and Quesswho on one of the tracks.

He released his maxi single called ‘Stretch Season’ in June 2018.

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