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FRNKIE is only 18, but is already part of a new wave of young creative spirits that have a major future as a DJ and producer in the Urban and EDM Dance scene.

With a unique taste in music and high level of technical qualities, this youthful talent is quickly making a name for himself and is already renowned as being a possible pioneer for innovations.

Growing up in a musical environment, where diverse genres, from classical to electronic music was the order of the day, this now streetwise kid quickly learned to play various instruments. Guitar and keyboard seem obvious choices, but also wind instruments, such as the saxophone, grew to become a real source of inspiration for what is now, at 18, an almost endless stream of influences.

It’s no coincidence that this stems from the fact that when he got his first laptop aged 10 this tool propelled his technical development, which saw him refine his production skills and insights between the ages of 13 and 15 year.

As a 13-year-old DJ at school parties and youth events, FRNKIE laid the foundation for future performances at various major clubs in the Netherlands, where, as a ‘newbie’ of only 15 years old, he started creating a furore thanks to his recognisable and pure sound.

Due to his strikingly quick rise in the business, he produced the song ‘Ik Kan Je Niet Laten’ released by Joanna Fraser, at only 16 years old. Then, barely one year later, he won the FunX producer competition, which led to his own DJ mix for FunX being played for an entire month.

FRNKIE is an absolute must at festivals and in the dance scene, and we will hear much more from this future talent who’s already a fully-fledged DJ/producer who can’t be ignored in the process of innovation and development of electronic dance music!



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