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Shock Elias

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Amsterdam-based Shock Elias made his debut participating in the Esko Challenge. For the challenge, producer Esko made an exclusive beat for FunX Start. Together with radio DJ Fernando, Esko went looking for rappers who could deliver vocals for the beat. Lines such as ‘’I don´t punch through, but when I do, they’re my punch lines’’ saw him become one of the finalists. Last summer, Suriname was introduced to the barz and sound of Shock Elias during the Keti Koti Streetparty. He has in the meantime worked with artists such as Chanty, with whom he released the track ‘Corazon’ on Valentine’s Day. In September he dropped a freestyle named ‘Young Boy’ where he demonstrated his talent for storytelling and flow. The freestyle went viral and eventually decided to release it as a single. Within 24 hours the release had more than 100k streams on Spotify without being featured in playlists. His ‘Hittegolf’ EP was released on Friday 14 December and in the run up to this he also dropped his own 101Barz session.



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